Telemarq Ltd Data Protection Statement

In the course of the projects we undertake on behalf of clients, the Telemarq team, whether employees or subcontractors, are often given access to sources of personal or confidential data.

We hereby undertake:

  • That we will handle all such data in a responsible and professional way, in accordance with the laws of England & Wales and with professional best practices.

  • That we will keep such data confidential and secure and will neither disclose it to any third parties nor use it for any purposes beyond that for which it was intended.

  • That we will delete such data from our own systems whenever requested by the client or when the project for which it was needed is complete.

  • That we will not transmit or store any such data outside the UK without the client’s full knowledge and written consent.

  • That we will comply with any additional written requirements agreed with the client relating to the handling of such data for the purposes of particular projects. (This document is intended to be a general statement of our principles, and is not in itself a legal agreement.)

  • That, in the event of our becoming aware of a breach of any of the above for whatever reason, we will immediately inform the client concerned.